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Identity Crisis: Of Ice Elves and Humans...

A cool breeze touched her face blowing strands of silver hair into her eyes. The ground was covered with lush viridian moss with blue star-shaped flowers poking up here and there. She looked around, absorbing her surroundings. She was in a glade, a forest glad, with massive trees surrounding her. A small pool silently sat in a corner of the glade, half in shadow and half in light. It was so peaceful. Not a sound could be heard. That's when it dawned on her that this was wrong. Very wrong.

"Where am I?" Arly asked herself. Then she pinched herself to make sure she was awake.

She shivered, and looked to see what she was wearing. She was in a towel. Nothing more.

"What?" Arly exclaimed in shock.

Arly walked over to the pool and looked at her reflection.

"This is me? But I changed... how... what..." then her memories came flooding back.

Arly had been taking a pleasant shower, daydreaming about what it would be like to be an Ice Elf. Ice Elves were human-like creatures with sky blue skin, silver hair and eyes, and pointed ears. They could also do magic. And Arly, who once was human, now was an Ice Elf in truth. Her reflection showed a blue-skinned, silver haired elf.

"But how?" she wondered aloud, "I was just daydreaming, it wasn't real..." and yet it was. She was now an Ice Elf, in an unknown land, wearing a towel. Great.

"Well, I might as well test out my powers. If I am an Ice Elf, I should be able to get some clothes!" with those words and a hastily formed spell, Arly found her powers were true too.

Now, instead of a towel, she was dresses in a long white sleeveless gown with silver trim and tough white leather traveling boots. As an afterthought, she added long white gloves and and full white cloak, to hide herself, in case Ice Elves weren't common or where hunted. You never knew what the laws would be like in a strange land...

Just when Arly had settled the cloak in place over her shoulders, a voice spoke to her. Unfortunately in a language she didn't know. She turned around to face the person speaking. He was some sort of mercenary or maybe a prince, she decided from his stance and tone of voice. He was used to having his way.

"I don't understand you!" Arly exclaimed, forcing him to stop and realize that she didn't know what he was saying.

He shook his head, and looked at her intensely with his black eyes. *Great, she speaks a different language. How am I supposed to ask her anything now!* he angrily thought to himself. Arly overheard his thoughts and could understand his words. Thoughts were spoken in the universal language that all people could understand and Arly's new powers included mental telepathy. She mind-spoke back,

*Hello? Can you hear me? I can hear you.*

The man's head snapped up and he stared at her. *Who are you!* he thought.

*I'm called Arly, and you?* she politely responded.

*I'm Danthu. Did you do magic?* he demanded.

*Um, well, yes. Could you hear that? I'm sorry, I'm kind of new here.* Arly was shocked that he had somehow tracked her by her hasty spells.

*Yes. It is obvious you aren't trained. That is not good... How did you get here?* Danthu again demanded.

*I don't know. One minute I was in my house, the next I was here. I wasn't expecting to come here!* Arly exasperatedly stated.

*Really? You just appeared..." a strange look came over Danthu's face. *Do you know where you are?*


*Well, this is my forest, I am a King, and I will show you the way out if you will come back to my castle.* he said a little too sweetly

*What do you mean?* Arly said, feigning naivety.

*I called you here from a distant world to be my wife.* he boasted. *I am very powerful and only a female that can match my power will marry me. That female is you!* he said as if this would win over her heart.

*Like Hell I will! I don't even know you!* Arly angrily flew back into his mind.

He looked shocked, like many people didn't go against what he said. Then again, since he was a king and had a lot of power, he probably didn't have to deal with many people going against what he said.

*You really want to marry me?* Arly seethingly asked, *Then you have to FIND me first!* and with those words she teleported away, this time making sure she wove the spell back on itself she he couldn't sense it.

He stared in blank shock, then teleported back to castle to make plans. He smiled. He was right to bring her. All the other's had agreed to his words, but they had been unable to cope with their new lifestyle. They had been meek, afraid of his power. They were all dead. This one looked promising.


Arly fumed at his presumptuousness. How dare that "king" assume that she would marry him for his power!

"I don't know him, and I don't want to know him!" she muttered under her breath weaving through the streets of a city.

Her spell had taken her to the capital, like she had wanted it to, for the best way not to be found was to be in a populous place. In fact, it looked like there were other Ice Elves here too. That would be good. Of course, he would probably search for a human... Arly giggled at the thought of King Danthu looking in vain for a human for the rest of his life.

Arly wandered around, always making sure she looked like she knew where she was going, for if she didn't, everyone would know she was new and would take advantage of her. To her surprise, she understood the dialect the the Ice Elves were speaking. Wishing to make friends, Arly went over to talk with them. Danthu would never find her now...


This is actually chapter one, but I rarely get beyond the first chapter when I am writing. Usually my short stories are just first chapters which I haven't taken the time to write the rest.

The names are pronounced as they are spelled.

Hope you enjoy ^_~
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