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My muse doth speak...

This is my first community I joined! Yeah! My muse really doth speak and so, on with the story.

The Sorcerer that was Allergic to Magic

Marlion was allergic to magic, or so his mother claimed. When he was young he sneezed a lot and his mother took the opportunity to blame someone nearby of sorcery. His sneezing got worse when he got older and so did his mother's claims against everyone in a ten mile radius of his sneeze. By the time he was sixteen nobody wanted to be around him, and he didn't want to be around them for his mother would just condemn them as a witch. He was very lonely, with no one to talk to and was sick of his mother accusing all of his would-be friends just because of his sneezing. He started to spend more time in the woods than in the village, for at least the trees couldn't be condemned.

It was the perfect fall day. The sun was streaming down through the leaves and the sky was a perfect shade of turquoise. The breeze was light, yet refreshing and rustled the leaves along with his dark brown hair. Since it was just turning fall, the sun was still warm and the breeze was lighter than the wintry breezes that were yet to come. The leaves too were no longer there royal summer green. They now bedecked the trees in riots of reds, oranges, and golds. Marlion thought that it was a beautiful day... and then he sneezed.

As he continued to walk through the trees he caught a glimpse of his village Ringarn, all decked out, like the trees, in the festive colors of the autumn fair. The bright colors of the tents complimented the colors of the leaves. Standing in neat rows the tents beckoned onlookers with sparkles and flashes of color. Marlion sneezed again, this time twice in a row. He sadly looked at the tents knowing that he could never go there, for the villagers would hate him if his mother shut down the fair for using magic. Filled with anger and regret, Marlion turned around, intending to walk away, but instead almost ran into a girl about his age. He sneezed again.

"Hello," the girl said, regarding him with golden eyes, "My name's Illiana, what's yours?"

Marlion stared at the girl in shock. She hadn't run away when he had sneezed! She wasn't afraid of him. Now it was his turn to regard her. As he did, he realized that they were complete opposites, she was fair where he was dark. Her golden hair and eyes matched his dark brown hair and eyes; only their skin was the same pale shade. Getting over his initial shock he responded,

"Hi, I'm Marlion." she smiled at his shock.

"Are you really allergic to magic?" she asked.

He stared at her in shock again, then composed himself and replied, "I don't know," then he added, "Are you?"

Illiana laughed and responded,"Yes! I'm a quarter Gold Dragon. And you're magical too." she looked at his shocked expression and added, "Are you always sneezing like that?"

Marlion sneezed again and replied, "Why yes, yes, I am."

"I thought so," she smiled to herself, "I think that you are allergic to yourself."

"I'm allergic to MYSELF?" Marlion cried in utter shock, and then thinking about it he added, "I think you are right... I'm always sneezing... it does make sense... but is there a cure?" this last thought was more of a plea.

Illiana frowned slightly, "Let me think, I don't know a lot about magic, just a few simple spells and such... but I think there is an herb that can help you. Do you know what Sorceror's Bane looks like?"

"Sorcerer's Bane? I've never heard of it, much less seen it." Marlion replied.

"You would be surprised with what you know," she retorted, "Sorcerer's Bane is also known as Clingvine. It's not Purple Clingvine, the most common form; but Red Clingvine, the type that grows in forests. I'll show you a place where it grows."

Marlion wasn't given a chance to respond, for Illiana had started off into the heart of the woods. Marlion had no choice but to follow. After a five-minute walk (made longer by several large sneezes) they found themselves in the shrubbier part of the forest and then they stopped. Growing on the trees were many vines with bright red, four petaled flowers. Illiana walked over and picked a leaf before turning back to Marlion.

"This is a Clingvine," she calmly explained, "They were almost destroyed by the Society of Magi, for the flowers are deadly poison to all workers of magic. But the leaves, the leaves have the curious property of stopping all allergies. If you eat a leaf you won't sneeze for three hours, but then it will wear off."

Marlion looked in surprise at the simple ivy-lie leaf and then took the one in Illiana's hand. With one last gaze at Illiana, he placed the leaf in his mouth and began to chew. It wasn't that unpleasant. He swallowed the leaf. As soon as he was done, Illiana started to levitate.

"What are you doing?" he said in shock as she wafted higher.

"I'm making sure the leaf helps," she came back to the ground, "Feel like sneezing?"

"Um, well, now that you mention it, no. I don't feel like sneezing at all. Amazing!" Marlion smiled and picked several more leaves to put in his pockets. "I will be able to go to the fair now!" he happily cried.

Illiana smiled shyly at him and said, "I would like to go with you, if you will let me. After all, you should learn magic if you have the talent, and definitely have talent! I could introduce you to my parents, they could teach you... along with me..."

"I think I would like that." Marlion replied, and arm in arm they set off to the autumn fair. Marlion was finally free.


Pronunciation Guide

Marlion - Mar-lee-on - stress on the -lee-

Ringarn - Ring-garn - stress on the -garn

Illiana -Ill-e-on-a - stress on the -on-

The rest should be self explanatory.
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