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Feathers Falling Fast

She fell, falling faster each second but not fast enough. She could see the ground, miles off, slowly rising in anticipation of her landing, but still that was not fast enough. The length allowed her to remember, to think back...


She had been raise by Them. They were the warders of the land. They watched over everything, protecting it. Or so They claimed. For years she had believed Them and Their lies, clinging to Their every words. And then she found out the truth.

It had been a slow processes, learning the truth. She had been with Them for so long that she doubted it herself, but she couldn't ignore it. She had found scars on her back, right by her shoulder blades. What are these? she wondered. She had researched it and found what they were...

She always had a affinity to the air. She could call up a pleasant breeze, or float to the ground instead of fall. She could ask the weather to be nice if she was going out that day, or call up a storm if the land was parched. For years They told her it was just her mind, that she couldn't do that, that no one could do that. But They were wrong.

She had found books in Their secret library. Books on magick and other wondrous things. She read of dragons and unicorns, dryads and faeries, sylphs and undines, gnomes and dwarves, elvenkind and a million other species she had never seen, much less heard of. Then she found the lists.

They were killing all of the creatures! Centaurs were slaughtered, elves now in hiding, faeries caught and locked away in bottles, even the dragons were slain. Each list had the name of the creature and when it was killed or imprisoned. She read down, then she saw her name. She was once a creature too...

It all made since to her, her magick abilities, how They watched her, discouraged her, but one thing was still missing... why did she have scars? She checked the top of the list, where it mentioned what type of creature the ones listed were. Then it made since, it all fell into place. She couldn't stay with Them any longer, she had to leave, now...

So she had climbed the nearby mountain, sneaking away during the day, taking food with her. She climbed higher and higher, until she could see Them following her. She was too precious for Them to lose, but she was already lost to Them. Finally, she facing west, she had thrown herself from the mountain. She couldn't live without her wings...


But her fall then slowed, her plan was failing. She wasn't going to fall to her death. She looked to see why, and realized that she had changed. In her act to give up her life rather than live without wings, she had made a glorious transformation. No longer was she a wingless angel, but now she was a winged one. Her feathers were of sunlight, as were her eyes and hair. She glowed with all the power They had tried to take away.

But it was not only her that had changed, for now she could see all the sylphs, spirits, and sprites that she had been blind to before. She was surrounded with magick, as They were, but They choose to be blind, and had lost the ability to see the truth. They could never conquer magick, for it was everywhere and in everything...
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Very nice. I really like it, do you have any more? If so, I'd love to read it. 'They' sound interesting, but I think you should elaborate some more, like if they have a name, or why they have such a vengeance against magic. Just a suggestion :)
I enjoy your stories.
Might I add you as a friend?
Yes, of course you can. And I'll add you, if that's alright.
I can't believe your detail. Very nice, I see you haven't written in awhile, I would love to read more of your stories. They remind me of what I read and how I write my poetry,(In the theme of fantasy and mystery). I would love to see more. If its okay I would like to add you to my friends list. Keep writing, you have a great skill.